We Know: All About MiniDisc Players

What is a MiniDisc player?

A minidisc player is a type of audio device that plays minidiscs, is much smaller than CD players and is completely portable. Although the MiniDisc failed to catch on with great enthusiasm in the United States, they are quite popular in Asia and are sold in a variety of formats, from walkmans to players for your car.

What is a MiniDisc?

MiniDiscs are very versatile and durable recording media because they have the ability to be erased, re-recorded and edited. They produce CD-quality sound and can store massive amounts of data on one disc. MiniDiscs use a different compression format than CDs and other media formats called Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding (ATRAC) that makes for smaller sized data with excellent quality sound.

What are some of the features of a MiniDisc player?

  • Recording Capability: If you want to make your own MiniDiscs, buying a player with a recording function is a necessity. Look for models with easy to use record and hold buttons.
  • Battery Life: MiniDisc players often run off of regular AA-batteries. Be sure your model has a clear indicator of battery life so you won't unexpectedly run out.
  • Size: If you plan on taking your MiniDisc player along with you for a jog, be sure it's a lightweight model. It may be necessary to purchase a belt clip for easy portability.
  • Anti-Skip: If you, like many people like to use your MiniDisc player while working out, be sure you pick up a model with an anti-skip device. It works by reading ahead in the track your listening to and saving it to memory. This way, if the device is jarred, playback continues smoothly while the laser finds its place once again.

What are some of the most popular manufacturers of minidisc players?

The creator of the MiniDisc and MiniDisc player is Sony. Currently, Sony is the only manufacturers of this technology in the United States. However, other brands like Sharp produce MiniDiscs and players for the Asian market along with Sony.

How much does a MiniDisc player cost?

A standard MiniDisc player costs around $100. More advanced models, with all sorts of bells and whistles like digital camera functions, LCD screens and super high-speed recording capability, price in at $500 and upwards.

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