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We Know: All About Medical Beds

What is a medical bed?

Typically found in hospitals, medical beds are built with rails and special raising and lowering functions to aid those who are weak from illness in sitting up and moving about. Medical beds are also available for purchase and use in your home for hospice-like care.

What are common features of a medical bed?

The features available with most medical beds are geared toward ensuring the patient and staff's safety at all times.

  • Guardrails: All medical beds have railing to protect patients so they do not fall out of bed and provide them with additional support for sitting up and standing.
  • Weight Capacity: For the safety of patients, most medical beds come with at least a 500 pound weight capacity.
  • Casters: Good medical beds have large casters that allow the bed to be rolled from room to room, regardless of the amount of weight on the bed.
  • Brakes: This is a very important safety feature for both patients and caretakers. Brakes should allow those moving a medical bed to abruptly stop its movement by the pressing of a button or pulling of a lever.
  • Positioning: Medical beds allow both patients and caretakers to press buttons that move the position of the bed's headrest. More advanced medical beds offer better lumbar support and conform to the contours of an individual's body.

Where can I find a medical bed for purchase?

Medical beds are available for purchase from most medical supply stores. A medical bed can also be a part of a prescription from your doctor, which could then make the cost of it covered by insurance. Companies like Invacare and Bariatric produce medical beds for hospitals and hospices.

How much do medical beds cost?

A medical bed range in price from around $700 to $1500, depending on the features it comes with. A full electric medical bed will come are more expensive than manual adjusting beds.

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