We Know: 6 Tips Before You Rent an Apartment

Renting an apartment can feel overwhelming, but by following the advice below you can make sure you do it right:

1. Look Around

Look at a minimum of 5 apartments in your desired area. It may seem tempting to rent the first one you see, just to get it over with. However, in the long run, you may end up with regrets. By checking out a variety of apartments, you will have a better understanding of what rental costs should be in your area and what quality of apartment is available.

2. Check Out Your Neighborhood

Before you make any decisions, have a walk around the neighborhood near apartment you are looking at. Does it appear to be safe? How far is it to the nearest supermarket? Think about your daily life and the things you need to have close by.

3. Take Pictures

When looking for an apartment to rent, it can be hard to remember which apartment is which. To avoid this problem bring a camera along and take some photos of each of your prospective apartments. This will help you remember details about the apartment when it is time to decide.

4. Ask Questions

Don't be afraid to ask the landlord questions. Find out who is responsible for the utilities and check about parking.

5. Check the Apartment

Prior to signing the lease, you should do a detailed walk-through of the apartment. Check all appliances, water taps, and electrical outlets. Make note of any existing damage to the walls or floor.

6. Get it in Writing

Every part of what you and the landlord agree to must be written into the lease. Failure to have written agreements with a landlord has been a source of trouble for many first time renters. For example, if the oven in the apartment is not working, do not simply take the landlord's word that it will be replaced. Create an addition to the lease that states when the oven will be replaced by and then both you and your landlord should sign it. Having things in writing is the best protection a renter has.

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