We Know: How To Avoid Internet Dating Problems

What is internet dating?
Internet dating is a relatively new phenomenon that allows people from across the globe to interact and possibly form romantic relationships. Much of online dating occurs through matchmaking websites, where members are linked with those individuals that best suit their personalities.

What are some common internet dating problems?

  • Liar, Liar: Catching someone in a lie is one of the most common internet dating problems. They may say they're 35, but one day their remembrance of the moon landing may blow their cover. Without seeing each other face-to-face, trust is all you have over the internet. If they blow it, second chances aren't really worth the trouble.
  • Neediness: Constant e-mails and instant messages are a surefire sign of desperation. Unless the conversation is really intriguing and flows magically, get out before they're naming the kids you'll have together!
  • Married: If his wife suddenly calls you one day to ask why on earth you keep calling her house-get out! Married men, and married women for that matter, who seek some "fun" on the internet should be eliminated from the potential date category right away.
  • Sex on the Brain: If they seem to talk about sex with every breath, or try to make not-so-subtle innuendos at every turn, this may not be the road you wish to go down. There are plenty of websites for "adult" dating, after all, and nothing can ruin a potential date's rep more than a sexual fixation.

How can these internet dating problems be avoided?

  • Background checks: Before even signing up for an internet dating web site, make sure the site perform criminal background checks on all those wishing to sign up. If not, you may be contacted by those you'd wish to never have contact with.
  • Do a little research: Once you've chatted it up a little with a potential date, do a little bit of research. If you run his or her name through a search engine, what do you find? Is the person listed in the white pages? Anyone else living at the address?
  • Avoid the perverts: If sex-talk is all they want from the get go, get out. Unless you're into that sort of thing, a person who only wants to talk about sex is surely after one thing and one thing alone.
  • Avoid Meeting Right Away: Even if your potential date really wants to meet you from the get go, don't. Make sure you can trust them first.
  • Play is Safe When Meeting: Once you do decide to meet, do so in a public place and perhaps even bring a friend. Arrive in your own car or with your own transportation, so you can exit early and are not dependent on this unknown person to get you home.

What are some tips for successful online dating?

  • Ask Questions: Where did they grow up? How old are they? What is their favorite food? Little questions like these keep the conversation moving along nicely, and allows you to find out if they are the right match for you.
  • Avoid those that never include you in their life: If you've been seeing a lot of one another face-to-face, yet they refuse to show you their home, give out their home phone number or introduce you to their friends, something might be up-like a secret family!
  • Profile Matters: Evaluate your profile for the right things. Being overtly suggestive or appearing too needy can attract the wrong type of guy-such as the married guy or the pervert.
  • Evaluate Their Profile: Once someone has contacted you through an internet dating site, check out their profile. Is it free of a picture? Are they recently divorced or separated? They very well may be not who they say they are.

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