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We Know: All About Ice Cream Makers

What is an ice cream maker?

An ice cream maker is a machine that makes ice cream by slowly rotating and freezing the ingredients. They can be hand cranked or motor-powered and keep the mixture moving constantly to prevent the formation of ice crystals.

What types of ice cream makers are there?

The first thing that comes to many people's minds when they hear "ice cream maker" is the old-fashioned hand cranked kind. But modern technology has not left the ice cream maker untouched. There's a wide variety to choose from.

  1. Salt & Ice: This refers to the traditional ice cream maker. It consists of a mental container that is placed in a bucket and surrounded by salt and ice. The container is then rotated by hand crank constantly until the ingredients become thick and solid.
  2. Donvier: This type of ice cream maker uses a coolant rather than salt and ice. The container has a special lining in the sides of it that are filled with coolant. The container is placed in the freezer until the coolant freezes and then the ice cream mix is placed inside. The container is either hand cranked or rotated by a motor.
  3. Refrigerated: This type of ice cream maker is the easiest to use, but also the most expensive. The container has refrigeration coils inside of it. Once the device is plugged in, the coils make the container lower to freezing temperatures. The ice cream mix is added, you flip a switch and the machine mixes the dairy delight for you.

What features are typical of a motor-powered ice cream maker?

A quality ice cream maker will include the following features:

  • Powerful Motor: In order to keep the ice cream mix moving, a motor of 50 watts are higher is needed.
  • High Capacity: To make enough ice cream for your whole family, the mixing container needs to have a capacity of 1 liter or higher.
  • Feed Hole: A transparent lid with a convenient hole in the top will make it much easier to add supplemental ingredients to the mix without having to stop the machine.
  • Cord Storage: Many ice cream makers have a hidden cord storage section so your counter can be free of clutter.

What are some popular brands of ice cream makers?

Some of the most popular ice cream makers are made by Cuisinart, Rival, Kitchenaid, GE and Deni.

How much does an ice cream maker cost?

Ice cream makers vary in price. A plastic ice cream maker with hand crank costs around $15 while a top of the line refrigeration unit can cost $500.

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