We Know: How to Buy Window Blinds

How do you measure for window blinds?

There are two styles for hanging window blinds; inside the window recess, or outside it. For window blinds that will be used on the inside, measure the width of the recess and buy blinds one size up. You can then trim the width and height (also known as drop) to fit your window perfectly. When dealing with faux wood blinds whether inside or out there is usually some minor trimming involved. For outside recess window blinds, buy one size larger than the window's width. Instructions for trimming should be included with your order, as methods will vary depending on the type of blinds.

Window blinds offer many choices

Blinds come in a wide variety to suit your personal taste and decorating needs:

  • There are vertical as well as horizontal styled blinds.
  • Blinds are available as solids or patterns, in bright, exciting colors, or in subdued, calm tones.
  • Blinds can be made of wood, vinyl, fabric or other materials.
  • Slat sizes can be slim or wide.
  • Some blinds use cords while others are operated with wands.

What styles of window blinds are available?

There are many choices to compliment the look and feel of a room:

  1. Velux blinds for loft windows.
  2. Conservatory blinds.
  3. Roller blinds that use an aluminum roller tube and a sidewinder control mechanism.
  4. Roman blinds with pleats
  5. Aluminum Venetian blinds.

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