We Know: Types of Undercabinet Lighting

What is undercabinet lighting?

Undercabinet lighting is created using lighting fixtures specially designed to be installed beneath a cabinet, where ceiling and other lights cannot reach. The light fixture can extend beneath the cabinet or be installed flush with the cabinet bottom to prevent it from being an obstruction. The lighting unit is either plugged into a wall outlet or an electrician is hired to hard wire the fixture.

How can undercabinet lighting be used?

There are several uses for undercabinet lighting including:

  • When installed in a kitchen, undercabinet lighting can reduce shadows on the countertop
  • Creating mood lighting in whichever room the lights are installed.
  • Increased visibility to aid in keeping the area clean.

What are the different kinds of undercabinet lighting that can be purchased?

There are many kinds of undercabinet lighting units and bulbs available on the market today. They include:

  1. Brass fixture or plastic enclosed under cabinet lighting.
  2. LED or low voltage mr16 under cabinet lighting.
  3. Fluorescent or micro-fluorescent lighting. These are long lasting surface mounted fixtures.
  4. Quartz halogen, low voltage disc-lights.
  5. Puck lights. These low voltage round lights can be surface mounted or installed flush with the cabinet.
  6. Eyelid lights. These allow you to direct the light in a particular direction. Like puck lights, they are low voltage and can be surface or recessed mounted.

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