We Know: How to Buy a Sun Room (Patio Room) for Your Home

What is a sun room or patio room?

A sun room or patio room is an extension built onto a house, usually against the back of it. Some use their sun room for summer entertaining, for gardening, or as a place to install their spa. The walls and roof are made of glass to take full advantage of solar lighting and solar heat. When a sun room is used as primary living space, depending on local building codes, it may be additionally heated or structurally reinforced.

Can I build a sun room myself?

Sun rooms can be professionally installed, or you can purchase a sun room kit and install it yourself. The third option is to order a prefabricated sun room designed to fit the dimensions of your space, and then assemble it on your own.

What shopping tips can you give me for buying a sun or patio room?

Keep these things in mind when choosing a sun room or patio room for your house:

  1. Before you order your sun room, the manufacturer may provide measuring instructions specific to each model of sun room they sell. If you are not sure of what model or kit you want, measure the space to determine your options. Be sure to measure width and length. If there is an overhang or eave, measure the height to the eave's bottom. You will also need to know the eave's width and the fascia height. Depending on the manufacturer and model, you may not be able to change certain features such as the roof pitch.
  2. Some sun room models come with a variety of options like a pet door, ceiling fan, or skylight shades. Make a priority list. You may not get everything you want, but it is better to think of them now rather than after it has been built and it is too late to make changes.
  3. Many sun room models are prefabricated and shipped to you for assembly. Inquire beforehand what tools you will need and if technical support or assistance is available. Be prepared to have to hire someone if you are not able to assemble the sun room yourself, or if you need help.
  4. Inquire about their refund policy, shipping charges, and the warranty.
  5. Before purchasing your sun room, contact the local building and zoning department to find out what construction permits you need, if any.

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