We Know: All About Remodeling Your Shower Fixture

Why would you remodel the shower fixture yourself?

Most people consider replacing a shower fixture when it wears out or they want to upgrade it. Installing a shower fixture yourself is easy because the manufacturers design their products with the do-it-yourselfer in mind.

What are the steps to replacing a shower fixture?

Replacing a shower fixture can be easy when you follow these steps:

  • Shut the hot and cold water off. If there is not a shut off valve close to the shower, you may have to shut off all the water into the house.
  • Carefully remove the old showerhead. Rust deposits inside the fittings may require that you use a wrench.
  • If your shower fixture kit comes with a decorative flange, install it now unless the manufacturer's instructions say otherwise.
  • Wrap the threaded pipe with Teflon tape in a clockwise direction. This prevents the tape from unraveling when you screw on the showerhead. You can also use pipe compound in place of Teflon tape.
  • Follow the manufacturer's directions for installing the new showerhead. Do not over tighten it. If you need to use a wrench, prevent it from gouging your new showerhead by covering the showerhead with a rag.
  • Turn the water back on. To bleed dirt and air from the lines, flush the toilet. This can prevent debris from clogging your plumbing.

What kinds of showerheads are available?

There are several types on the market today:

  1. Standard showerhead. Most models offer adjustable sprays and are self-cleaning. Standard showerheads come in a range of prices, with the chrome plated models being more expensive than the plastic models. Single control units control water flow and temperature with one knob. This gives you the option of turning water on or off without ever having to adjust the temperature.
  2. Massaging showerhead. Water pressure is used to create pulsating effects that are usually adjustable, depending on the model. The unit can be mounted permanently, hand held, or used as a traditional showerhead.
  3. Continental showerhead. This is a combination wall and hand showerhead with a 6' flexible hose and hang up bracket. Typically a switch will allow you to change it from a hand to a wall showerhead. Some models also offer a handheld switch to control water flow.

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