We Know: All About Pool Fences

The Reason for Pool Fences

A pool fence offers security around the pool, and can help prevent children and pets from drowning. A pool fence can also provide privacy, depending on the type of fence. In many areas of the country, pool fences are required by law to help prevent children from drowning. Any fence constructed for this purpose should not allow children to slip over or under the fence, or between the fence slats.

In many communities, a permit is required for the construction of a fence and there may be restrictions on the fence, including a maximum allowable height. Check with your local building authority before installing any fence. Costs vary dramatically depending on the amount of fencing required, the type of material used, and whether you install and assemble the fence yourself.

Pool Fence Styles

Pool fences can be constructed in such a way as to offer one or more of the following purposes:

  • Ornamental: A fence can be a decorative accent, and the fence style matched to the pool design and layout.
  • Privacy: In areas where privacy is a concern, there are several fence styles from which to choose that can shield the pool area.
  • Security: Keeping out people, especially children, as well as pets, is a primary concern for most pool owners.

Pool Fence Construction

There are several choices for fencing materials. Your decision may be based on budget, style preference, availability, or usage:

  • Chain link: Perhaps the least attractive of the materials available, chain link is practical, strong, doesn't require much maintenance, and is less expensive to purchase and install that some other types. It's very good for security because it doesn't leave any gaps. It's also strong enough to withstand some abuse. It weathers well and you don't need to paint it.
  • Wood: Wood can be very attractive, and the fencing can incorporate decorative touches. The downside to wood fencing is that it requires annual maintenance such as painting or staining. It can also chip, crack, or break. A wood fence can be excellent for privacy and security, depending on the fence design.
  • Aluminum: A cheap material that doesn't require maintenance, and replacement parts are cheap. Can be used for decorative purposes, privacy, or security.
  • Vinyl: Another cheap alternative for pool fences. It's easy to assemble, and strong.
  • Wrought Iron: An expensive material for fences, it's extremely strong, lasts long and is excellent for security. Can be painted any color, but doesn't offer much for privacy. Should come with a galvanized undercoat to prevent rust.

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