We Know: All About Pool Covers

About Pool Covers

Pool covers not only keep out bugs and debris, they can also be decorative. Most importantly, pool covers can keep children and pets from getting into an unattended pool. Another advantage to pool covers is that they lessen water evaporation. This saves you on water, heating, and chemical additive bills.

In some areas, pool covers are required and the pool owner is responsible for making sure that the pool is covered when not used and that the pool cover is not damaged or used incorrectly. Pool covers are essential for the colder months when the pool is not being used and the empty pool creates a safety hazard.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Pool Cover

Before choosing a pool cover, consider the following:

  • The pool cover needs to fit the shape of the pool. If your pool is custom shaped or sized, you may need to invest in a custom made pool cover.
  • Some pool covers are solar. These kinds of pool covers provide some heat to the water even as it's covered. This can minimize your heating costs. If your pool has no heater at all, these covers are particularly good.
  • Some pool covers are strong enough to withstand a person's weight. This is important if someone accidentally falls into the pool area onto the cover. It can prevent them from falling into the full or empty pool.
  • Large pools often take advantage of a pool cover that covers and uncovers the pool using a tracking system. With a flip of the switch, the pool cover automatically unfolds as it follows the track. The track can be concealed or installed so that it doesn't get in the way of pool activities. Some track systems are operated manually.
  • Pool covers can be made of several materials. Choose one that will withstand sunlight and heat. If you live in an area that experiences freezing or near-freezing temperatures in the cooler months, invest in a pool cover that can withstand colder temperatures.
  • Generic, low quality pool covers can cost a few hundred dollars while a high-end, large or custom sized pool cover that uses a track system can cost you several thousand dollars or more.
  • If the pool cover uses electricity, make sure that it doesn't present an electrical hazard and that the housing for it is durable and securable.
  • Some covers are much easier to use than others. Review the instructions before you make your purchase to make sure that you'll be able to use the cover with the resources that you have. This also applies for the initial installation of the pool cover.

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