We Know: All About Horse Grooming

Horse Grooming Tips

Because each horse is different in temperament and coat thickness, this is meant as a general guide. Over time, the two of you will work out a system that will make the grooming experience a pleasure for both of you.

Products such as Show Sheen make the horsehairs slippery, so do not use them below the saddle or on the mane or else you risk falling off the horse.

Grooming Steps

Secure your horse to make sure it doesn't move, then start grooming from the top of its neck and work toward the back. Then move to the other side of the horse and repeat the steps. Do it the same way every time so the horse knows what to expect.

  • Avoiding the horse's face and legs, use the rubber curry brush to loosen dirt from beneath the hair. Work in a circular motion, and be especially gentle across the back and shoulders where the horse is more sensitive. The curry brush can also be used to comb out the mane, which works best if you first apply a little Cowboy Magic or a similar product. This especially helps when there are tangles.
  • Use short, energetic, snapping strokes with the Dandy brush to clean the coat. It is critical to penetrate the hair down to the skin. You will need to select a brush appropriate for the coat's thickness, one that is softer or stiffer. It needs to do the job without hurting the horse.
  • Use the body brush to fine-tune the coat. The brushing motion should be smooth and flatten the hair. When done, the coat should look shiny.
  • The mane comb should be used to comb out the horse's mane.

Basic Horse Grooming Tools

As time goes on, your grooming kit will change as you develop your own preferences, but this list will get you started:

  1. Dandy brush.
  2. Body brush.
  3. Mane comb.
  4. Rubber curry.

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