We know: All About Cat Grooming

Does a cat need to be groomed?

Cats spend hours a day licking themselves with their course tongues. They seldom need humans help with removing dirt from their fur and paws. There are times, however, when you should groom your cat. You may want to prevent fur balls, or to remove a substance from their fur you do not want them to ingest. Eliminating pet dander responsible for allergens is another reason to groom your cat. If your cat has fleas, it will need to be groomed.

What is involved in grooming my cat?

The following 'assistance' may be necessary.

  • Brushing your cat regularly will prevent fur balls that cause stomach upset and stain your carpets.
  • Nail cutting prevents the cat from injuring itself by getting the claws stuck in carpet and ripping them off. It will also save your skin from time to time.
  • Brushing your cats teeth will prevent health related issues and prologue your pet's life.
  • Regular bathing is necessary for show cats and cats with owners sensitive to pet dander.

How do I bathe my cat?

An adult cat should be bathed 'very carefully' (otherwise known as "cat bathing as a martial art"). This means you should wear clothing to protect you, the bather. You should have very little exposed skin and move quickly and deliberately. It is recommended that someone with a good grip help because wet cats can be slippery and dangerous. All you need to do is wet, soap, and rinse the cat, preferably twice. This is followed by drying your cat with a towel and blow dryer.

If you have a kitten and a reason the cat may need regular baths, it is highly recommended that you bathe it from birth. With such regularity, you will find cat bathing to be enjoyable for both the cat and the owner. You may even find the cat holding out its limbs for blow drying and brushing.

When should I bring my cat to a professional groomer?

There will be times when you need a professional groomers intervention. Some reasons are:
  • for instruction the first time the claws are cut
  • When the pet needs a flea dip
  • When a long haired cat has excessive fur matting

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