We Know: All About Bathroom Sinks

About Bathroom Sinks

The installation of a bathroom sink is a straightforward process for most homeowners with some degree of experience in do-it-yourself projects. Finding the right bathroom sink for your purposes and style is made easier by all the choices available today.

Optional Features for Bathroom Sinks

Before purchasing a bathroom sink, consider the following:

  • Color. The majority of bathroom sinks are white, but some stores carry other colors. You're more likely to have to special order non-traditional colors. In those cases, be prepared to pay extra for non-white colored bathroom sinks.
  • Measure your existing sink. Measure the width and length, and depth below the countertop. If there are faucet holes, measure the distance between them. If you don't want to replace the existing faucet system, you'll need a sink with the same measurements for the faucet holes. If you don't want to modify or replace the countertop, the new sink should be the same dimension as the old one.
  • Under counter mount. The majority of bathroom sinks are under counter mount which means that there are no visible brackets, screws, or other hardware to keep it in place.
  • Porcelain or bone china material construction. Porcelain is more common and much cheaper. Bone china adds an elegant touch.

Bathroom Sinks

There are many bathroom sinks from which you can choose, including:

  1. Kohler Ladena Undercounter Lavatory (Model 2214-0): Measures 18" x 12". White. Sells for around $140.
  2. Renovator's Supply Venetian Vessel Sink in Bone: Sells for around $140.
  3. AZ Partsmaster Lavatory Sink: Measures 19" x 16" oval. White. Sells for around $40.
  4. Renovator's Supply Drop In Bowls Bone Vitreous China: Sells for around $160.

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