We Know: All About Bathroom Accessories

About Bathroom Accessories

There are many kinds of accessories for the bathroom. Some accessories are very practical, while others are decorative and fun. When renovating or brightening a bathroom, accessories can be a cost-effective way to transform the room's look.

Available Bathroom Accessories

Depending on your style, budget, and personal needs, there are many bathroom accessories from which to choose, including:

  • Tissue box holder.
  • Sundries boxes of all sizes. Handy for organizing and attractive for storing small items such as Q-tips or cotton swabs.
  • Trays of all sizes. May or may not be nested.
  • Multiple toothbrush holder. Freestanding or wall-mounted.
  • Soap dish.
  • Water glass holder.
  • Soap dispenser.
  • Lotion dispenser.
  • Waste basket.
  • Toilet tissue holder.
  • Towel racks of varying widths.
  • Cotton jar.

Bathroom Accessory Sets

Although you can purchase the items separately, buying them in matching sets can save you money. Here are several popular sets:

  1. Shopping The Globe Five Piece Bathroom Set: Banana bark style. Sells for around $50.
  2. Bombay Athena Bath Set: Hand painted finish with decorative glass beads. Sells for around $25.
  3. Wild Orchid Five Piece Bath Accessory Set: Pewter finish. Sells for around $55.
  4. American Collectibles Patchwork Four-Piece Bathroom Set: Floral design. Sells for around $30.
  5. Acme Plastics Regency Silver Checkerboard Five-Piece Plastic Bathroom Accessory Set: Airbrushed checkerboard design. Sells for around $13.

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