Ever thought about dyeing your hair? Want to skip the salon and try it at home?

We know: Top Tips For Dyeing Your Hair at Home

How common is dyeing your hair at home?

Most American men and women prefer to color their hair at home and with a number of hair dye companies competing, there is a large variety to choose from.

What should I know about choosing a color?

Although every shade of color imaginable is available, the common wisdom is that it is best to choose a color one to two shades lighter or darker than your natural shade when dyeing at home.

Tell me about permanent and semi-permanent home dyes.

  • Permanent dyes do not last forever, despite their name. Permanent dyes open up the hair shafts by using chemicals. This prevents the dye from washing out when you shampoo your hair. Permanent dyes are, for the most part, more natural looking than semi-permanent dyes. There are specially created permanent hair dyes to cover up gray hair.
  • Semi-permanent dyes can last from one day to one month. For the most part, they contain less ammonia and peroxide than permanents and some don't contain any at all. The dye washes out with each shampoo. Although semis come in a wider variety of colors, their results tend to be more unpredictable. It is unclear whether permanent of semi-permanents cause more damage to the hair. You should not use semi-permanents for gray hair.

What are the advantages to home dyeing?

  • Much cheaper than getting your hair dyed at the salon (hair dye kits range from $5 to $20 dollars)
  • You can home dye in less than an hour
  • You can dye at your convenience
  • Dyeing tends to add shine and body to your hair

Disadvantages to home dyeing

  • Can't do a color more than three shades light than your hair (unless you bleach your hair first)
  • Results might not be exactly the same as the back of the box
  • Home dyeing relies on your attention to detail and hair dyeing abilities

What can I do to prevent problems?

Before you dye your whole head of hair, ensure you have done a strand test on your hair. Dyeing one small strand of your hair will let you know about any allergies you might have and it will let you see results of the hair dye on a smaller scale before you do your whole head.

When in doubt about home dyeing

If you are still unsure about home dyeing, ask your hairdresser for more advice. Alternatively, check out hair dye advice websites online. If you have dyed your hair and don't like the results, phone the number on the back of the hair dye kit and they can let you know about options.

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