We know: All About Home Care Service

What's home care service?

Home care services help provide the kinds of assistance you may need if you're aging or recovering from a medical problem or disabled and want to remain living in your home.

What kind of services are available?

There are a wide variety of services from various providers that break down into two basic categories. Some companies provide one kind of service, some the other, and some both.

  1. Medical services including nursing care and therapist care and visits by social workers. Sometimes procedures like dialysis can also be provided in your home.
  2. Household services such as cleaning, cooking and other maintenance activities can be provided.

What should I know before I go looking for a home care service provider?

If you have a medical condition to consider, or are aging and need assistance, begin by asking your doctor about medical services you should have provided in your home.

For assistance with household issues, make a list of the activities that you can no longer undertake (such as driving or running errands), so that you know what kind of support you need from the service.

Where can I find the names of companies who provide home care services?

Ask your doctor, friends, or do an internet search for providers in your area.

Once I am ready to contact an agency, what should I ask about?

  • Find out if the agency is certified by Medicare. That means it's meeting certain health and safety requirements.
  • Find out if the agency is covered by your medical insurance.
  • Find out if the agency is licensed by the state.
  • Find out if agency personnel are bonded and insured.
  • Ask for printed material about descriptions of services, and of fees.
  • Find out if personnel are on call for emergencies.
  • Ask for references.

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