We know: All About Hair Extensions

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are strands or braids of synthetic or real hair that can be woven into your own hair to give it fullness, body, curl and color.

What kinds of hair extensions are there?

There are a number of types, which include:

  • Braid and Dreadlocks, which come pre-wound
  • Strands, which may include 20 to 50 individual hairs
  • Wefts, which is a cluster of hair gathered together at the top and loose at the end. They can be hand or machine made.

What are hair extensions made from?

Extensions are made from either synthetic (usually plastic) materials or real human hair. Whether you can dye or perm the extension depends on the type of hair. For example, dark, coarse hair extensions usually can't be color treated. Some hair extensions come already color treated. You can buy hair that is pre-colored, pre-highlighted and pre-permed with curl or body wave.

The cost of the extensions depends on the quality and availability of the hair. Natural blonde hair, for example, that has never been treated can be very expensive, while synthetic hair can be very inexpensive.

How are extensions attached?

  • Braids are usually woven into your natural hair.
  • Strands are sometimes woven, glued or clipped into your hair.
  • Wefts are often attached by first braiding small horizontal rows of your own hair close to your scalp and then sewing the weft extensions into the braid.

How long are hair extensions?

You can buy or cut them to any length up to about 30 inches. Most people buy extensions that are 18 inches.

What are the costs involved in hair extensions?

Besides the actual cost of the hair, you may pay to have the hair treated, and you may pay to have the hair attached by a professional. Beyond that, there is upkeep. This could include having your hair rebraided every 6-8 weeks so the wefts can be reattached, or having the strand extensions treated or removed by a hair dresser.

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