Thinking about a golf vacation? We like to think about them, too!

We know: 10 Tips to Save Money on a Golf Vacation

Here are 10 things to consider, if you're trying to save money:

1. Check the municipal and county courses before you pay the big bucks

Here's a prime example: Pebble Beach on the Monterey Peninsula costs you, well, let's just say, hundreds of dollars, even on a good day. Just miles away in Pacific Grove, however, you can play the municipal course (on the water and beautifully designed) for between about $25 and $50 bucks. And, you can actually get a tee time!

2. Stay at home and take day trips.

You can often save money and have just as much fun trying out new courses in the area where you live. You save money on meals and accommodations, so there's more for green fees.

3. Buy a golf package.

Courses that are attached to hotels or resorts usually give you a break on either of both prices. If you go to a place like Las Vegas, where golf is not the main attraction, you can often save money because the purpose of the discount is to get you to gamble.

4. Play between the high and low season.

Try playing more expensive courses between the on and off season, just before or after the weather and rates change. That means Las Vegas or Palm Springs or Florida in the early or late summer. You can save money and avoid heat exhaustion.

5. Look for play-all-day for one rate or cheap replay rates.

For those of you who have enough energy, this is a great way to amortize your green fee. These money-saving features aren't always advertised, so be sure to ask.

6. Don't forget the twilight rate.

You may have to start in the heat of the day, but in some places it begins to cool in the evening.

7. Go as a group and rent a condo for the week or weekend.

If you're traveling to Europe, this can be an especially good deal. For example, in Scotland you can look up something called 'self-catering accommodations', which are the same as condos, and rent a beautiful, fully furnished flat for much less than comparable hotel rooms would cost.

8. Buy a good golf travel bag, so you don't have to rent clubs.

This will save you money and keep you in your club-comfort zone.

9. Buy a golf discount card.

If you're planning on traveling for weeks instead of days (some people actually take the RV around the country), buy a golf discount card for either a specified area (Minnesota has them statewide), or a national association or group that has discount coupons for the entire US or the region where you want to play.

10. Get two rounds for one stay.

If you're staying at a hotel that offers a discounted round of golf for each night, see if you can play once the day you arrive and also the day you leave at the discounted rate. A two-for-one savings.

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