We Know: All About Go Carts

What is a Go Cart?

A typical go cart is a small vehicle consisting of a frame with an engine, seat, and steering wheel, covered with a fiberglass body. They are lightweight and very easy to drive, making them suitable for all ages. Much like cars, go carts come in a wide variety of models, and are capable of running anywhere from 5-18 mph.

Where can I ride a go cart?

There are a number of amusement parks and entertainment venues that offer go cart rides. Most go cart tracks have go carts suitable for both adults and children, and many offer two-seater go carts that allow for parents and children to enjoy riding together.

What are some of the different kinds of go carts?

There are a wide variety of go carts to choose from.  Depending on where you plan on riding the go cart, you can choose from yard go carts, which are best suited for paved tracks and light recreational use, or trail go carts, which are more rugged and capable of going off-road.  Some of the most popular go cart models include the two-seater Super Deuce Go Kart, the single-seat Bandit youth go cart, and the adult-size EZ Rider Go Kart, all from Manco.

How much do go carts cost?

Cost of go carts vary widely, depending on the make and model.  New go carts typically start at about $750 for a single-seater, and can go up to $3,000 for higher end off-road models.

Are go carts safe?

Go carts are among the safest entertainment rides around. Slow speeds, sturdy frames, and easy maneuverability make go carts fun and safe for everyone. In the event that something goes wrong, go-cart track operators can remotely turn the engine off, thereby stopping the go-cart immediately. If you have your own go cart, you can get the same remote device to attach to your engine for added safety.

Can I buy my own go cart?

Absolutely. There are many go-cart manufacturers that sell individual go carts. Go cart designs and do-it-yourself kits are also available for the more ambitious go cart enthusiasts.

Where can I learn more about go carts?

There are clubs devoted solely to go carts and go cart hobbyists. Many aspiring race car drivers start out with high performance go carts to learn to maneuver around a track, and there are a number of groups that share information about their go-cart experiences.

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