Most people buy the services and products related to a funeral under the pressure of limited time and the stress of a recent death. This is a difficult time to go shopping, but knowing a few facts can help protect you from being exploited.

We know: 5 Facts Before You Pay for A Funeral



Understanding the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation called the Funeral Rule can be a GREAT HELP. Take this webpage with you to save money on a funeral.




1. The Federal Government’s 1984 Funeral Rule REQUIRES funeral homes to give you a General Price List (GPL), itemizing the cost of each product and each service the business offers.
Ask for the list. Then, if you can, take it home to read it over. This one action is likely to save you more money than anything else.

2. The General Price List should include the following items:
Basic services fee, embalming charge, cost of picking up the body, the price of a viewing, the price of a funeral or memorial service, the cost of funeral vehicles, and other commonly offered goods and services.

3. Don’t be fooled by ‘package’ deals.
Many funeral homes cleverly put all of their ‘package’ deals at the front of the list, burying the itemized lists in the back. Unless you really need all of the services and products contained in one of those package deals, they may not be a good idea. 

Keep searching until you find the itemized list. Then only pick the services and products you want.

4. This is what you should know as a consumer:

  • You may select only the goods and services you want.
  • Embalming is not required by law except in certain special cases.
  • Alternative containers, such as those made of cardboard, are available for direct cremation.
  • You are entitled to see a list of casket prices.
  • You are entitled to see a list of vault or outer burial containers prices.

5. Check the funeral home’s basic service fee.
This is the only charge on the General Price List that you’re forced to pay. But shop around. This fee can range from $500 to $1500 dollars.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and demand answers. It’s your right to know!


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