If youíre shopping for a forklift, here's something to think about...

We know: 4 Forklift Buying Tips

TIP 1: Consider a USED RECONDITIONED forklift to save money.

Before you buy a new forklift, consider buying a reconditioned forklift. Companies that recondition forklifts can save you up to forty percent, offer warranties and will often give you a loaner if your forklift needs repair while under warranty.

TIP 2: Consider an ELECTRIC forklift for cleaner air.

For health and safety reasons, you should consider buying an electric forklift for indoor use. Natural gas is the best choice if you need to use a forklift that burns fossil fuel because it is the cleanest burning. Gas, diesel and propane forklifts produce fumes, which are bad for the both the inside and outside environment. Propane forklifts can be converted to natural gas.

TIP 3: Consider the type of tires.

Forklifts generally come with one of two kinds of tires. Be sure to ask which is right for the surfaces you will be driving on. The two types are:

  • pneumatic (air tires)
  • cushion tires (they donít go flat, but are not appropriate for some surfaces)

TIP 4: Get the dealer to provide government required training as part of the deal.

Forklift operators need to have official training to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements. Get the dealer to throw that in as part of the purchase agreement.

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