We know: Faucet Buying Tips

What are the most common kinds of faucets people buy?

Most faucets are designed for the kitchen and bathroom, but you can buy faucets for laundry rooms and exterior faucets.

What should you keep in mind about the FUNCTION of the faucet before you buy?

Ask yourself:

  • What kind of hook-ups do you have and will your new faucet fit them? Particularly with bathroom sinks, check to see that what you’re buying will fit into the sink or counter top design you currently have. There are several standard sizes
  • Do you want one handle or two?
  • Do you want a pull-out spray attachment? If so, be sure to get on with a double lock hose that won’t kink.
  • What shape do you want the spout to be? It should reach well into the sink or sinks. A high goose-neck arch can be a good choice for a large kitchen sink where you use large pots, for example.
  • Are you buying both the faucet body and the handle as part of the package? Or are they sold separately? Make sure you know before you buy.

What should you keep in mind about the LOOK of the faucet before you buy?

Ask yourself:

  • What shape or style do you want? Faucets come in a huge variety, from plain and predictable to fancy and frothy. Look for something you like.
  • What material do you want? Again, there’s a huge variety, including stainless steel, copper, acrylic enamels with different colors, polished chrome, polished and antique brass, polished and satin nickel, gold,  and combinations.
  • Think about the fact that faucets and spouts are constantly getting wet, so buy a fixture that doesn’t look smudged from finger prints or stained from water spots.

What about cost?

Think about spending a little more money and buying a heavier duty faucet. Lightweight faucets with plastic integral parts and faucets that use washers to control the flow of water may not last as long or work as well.

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