Are you having trouble finding the perfect electronic keyboard for you?

Here are tips for buying one and more.

We Know: All About Electronic Keyboards

What is an electronic keyboard?

An electronic keyboard is an instrument consisting of an electronically powered keyboard for use as a synthesizer or piano. The primary function of an electronic keyboard is to imitate the sounds of many different instruments for the creation and performance of electronic-based music.

What are common features of an electronic keyboard?

Electronic keyboards come with a variety of features and functions.

  • Instrument options: Electronic keyboards may often look as though they are cluttered with buttons, however these buttons provide you with enormous playing functionality. For instance, you can press a button and the keys are switched from standard piano tones to a guitar. Hundreds of instruments and sounds are included in many models.
  • Rhythms: Many keyboards come with a wide selection of rhythm patterns to choose from. These provide a nice steady beat to play along with and aid you when learning how to play.
  • Tempo Control: While playing a rhythm pattern, you can adjust how fast or slow it plays to your skill level and preference with the push of a button.
  • Touch Sensitivity: If you want to use your electronic keyboard as a piano, make sure it has touch-sensitive keys. This way, the keys respond to different pressures in different ways. A light touch to the keys will make a soft note, while an abrupt hit to a key will make a loud note.
  • Pre-recorded Songs: Many keyboards come with several popular tunes already recorded into the device. This allows you to either play along with the song or get an idea of what the different functions of the keyboard sound like.
  • Recording/Saving Capability: If you wish to record yourself playing a musical masterpiece, make sure the keyboard you buy has a record function. Also consider purchasing a model that allows you to export your recorded song.

What are some tips for buying an electronic keyboard?

Buying a keyboard is somewhat of an investment. Be sure you know what you want to use it for before entering the store.

  • Make sure it has the functionality you need. If you want to play piano tunes, make sure the keyboard has touch-sensitive keys. If you're just learning how to play, invest in a machine that offers tutorials and key-by-key instruction.
  • Does it fall within your price range? Do some window shopping to gain an idea of how much keyboards typically cost and then set a maximum price you are willing to spend so as to stay within budget.
  • Read consumer reviews. Hearing what people who own the keyboard you're interested in have to say about it can save you a lot of grief later on.

How much do electronic keyboards cost?

Electronic keyboards range in price from $50-$2000. Lower-end models are typically lacking some of the features from the higher priced ones, such as tone control, number of keys, recording options and synthesizer capabilities.

Who manufactures electronic keyboards?

Casio, Yamaha and Elegance are some of the more popular brands of electronic keyboards.

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