Do you ever feel bloated, gassy and irritable?

You may be constipated, but there are plenty of ways to treat it.

We Know: All About Treating Constipation

What is constipation?

Constipation is a condition where the stool becomes dehydrated and hard making it difficult and painful to pass. Luckily, constipation can usually be treated by changing diet and exercise routines.

How can constipation be treated?

Constipation can reflect a whole slew of lifestyle choices, from the foods we eat to the activities we partake in. By changing your lifestyle habits, constipation can usually be completely treated and prevented in the future. Changing what you eat, drink and do can make all the difference when it comes to your bowels.

Treating constipation with food

What you eat has a direct effect on your digestive system health. If you suffer from constipation, you should try to load up on foods that are high in fiber like whole grains. Fruits and dark, leafy vegetables are also great for treating constipation.

Treating constipation with liquid

Everyone knows they need to drink water to be healthy and hydrated, but it also helps to relieve constipation. Drinking eight 8-oz glasses of water a day keeps your body flushed of toxins and food moving along the digestive tract. Prune juice also has a hydrating effect on the stool. For temporary relief, drinking coffee, tea or any hot drink that contains caffeine can ease constipation. However, in the long run it may compound the problem.

Treating constipation with physical activity

Exercising often is vital in maintaining regularity. Workouts that include jogging, aerobics and abdominal muscle contractions help to stimulate the intestines and keep food moving along the digestive tract.

Other treatments for constipation

Sometimes, constipation won't react to dietary or physical changes. In these cases, a laxative may be taken to get things moving along once again. However, this should not be used often, as you may become dependant on the laxative to maintain regularity. Removing a few things from your lifestyle can help relieve constipation as well, like antacids and over the counter pain relievers. Occasionally, in severe cases of constipation, your doctor may recommend an enema. If none of the above works, you may have a digestive disorder like colitis or IBS.

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