We know: All About Closet Organizing Systems

What's a closet organizing system?

Closet organizers are products that you can put in your closet, or drawers, that help you separate and store items in an orderly fashion. They can help you save time and space ,and keep things in their place so you can find them.

What are the basic elements of closet organizers?

There are a variety of products you can use to organize your closets and drawers:

  1. poles for hanging long and short items
  2. shelving that can be attached to the wall or stackable
  3. drawers, baskets and drawer divider trays
  4. bags for things like shoes and dirty clothes

How do I assemble a closet organizing system?

Like with anything else, it depends on what you want to pay. You can:

  • Hire a consultant or organizer to examine and measure your closet, assess your needs and personally design and install a system for you.
  • Measure your closet area yourself, list your needs and have a professional design and build the system. Sometimes the company which assembles the custom system for you insists on installing it, sometimes you can do it yourself.
  • Do it all yourself. You can even design a closet system online at some websites, then order your own custom design, have it shipped and assemble it yourself.

What are materials are closet organizing systems made from?

Most systems use either coated wire products, wood, and/or melamine. Wire products provide good air flow and ventilation for clothing, and you can see what's in a wire basket or drawer. Wood is more expensive, but looks nicer.

How much do closet organizing systems cost?

You can buy an entire system at once, or component by component. A sample price for a 6 foot closet, custom designed in white melamine is about $300.

A sample price for a coated wire shelf with 4 drawers is about $80.

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