We Know: All About the Different Types of Summer Camps

What types of camps exist for my child?

The basic types of camps you will find are visual and performance arts, sports, educational, and special needs.

What is taught at art camps and where can I find them?

Arts camps can generally alternate between basic disciplines. Parts of each session may be devoted to visual arts, the performance arts, musical instruments, and voice lessons among. You can find art camps at your local art museums, colleges and parks programs. These are available in day and sleep-away camps. Check churches, community centers, and local clubs and activity groups for day camp art programs. For band and music camps, contact your child's regular band director or music instructor for references.

What types of sports camps are available and where can I find them?

Your options for sports camps are greatly varied. At local community centers, you will find day programs that offer many kinds of sports, including basketball, baseball, soccer or others. These camps are often run or taught by retired or college athletes. You can also choose an overall fitness or weight loss boot camp for older kids. Sports camps may be overnight or daytime, and last one week to several weeks.

Where can I find an educational camp and what will my child learn?

For the high tech, scientific, or highly driven child, there are many camp options. Local colleges will host camps that offer courses ranging from computer use to creative writing, to chemistry. You may also want to contact NASA and your local science museums for summer learning opportunities. Churches will also sponsor week-long camps for religious instruction.

What are my options for special needs camps?

Camps for special-needs are very likely to be free or low cost. Contact the directors of any special schools and programs your child attends and they can point you in the right direction. In addition, you can search your public library for programs for a special needs child.

More information on summer camps:

You can get more information about different camps and prices by contacting a free public service called the NCA (National Camp Association). They will help you find camps for every interest from weight loss to horseback riding.

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