We Know: How to Raise Math Scores

What causes a child to struggle in math?

There are two main reasons a child may struggle in math. The child has either failed to master a very important math function in the past, or he or she may have an aversion to math.

What do I do if my child failed to master a math function?

If your child failed to master a past math function, her or she will eventually hit a roadblock at some point. Math is a subject that is best learned systematically. To subtract, a child must first be able to add. Addition is also a key skill when learning to multiply. Division and fractions are also difficult to learn if the child has not mastered the previous levels. To fix this problem, you must go back to the point where the child began to have problems.

How do I pinpoint where my child began to have problems?

To find your child's weak-spot in math, there are several ways you can test hid or her skills.

  • Purchase a math review book that covers everything, in order, from addition through fractions. Have the child complete the book in 1-2 weeks time. The child will either become frustrated at the point where her or she missed a step or you will find incorrect answers starting at that point.
  • Find a "free math assessment " test online . These tests can be completed in just a few hours and reveal where your child is having problems. One such online test, by Saxon Math, will also suggest a book to help your child re-learn these missed skills.
  • Even if your child resists testing, he or she will not be able to resist math video games that include math skills. You will love the sneaky way it tests your child's math knowledge with a backup program you can access when the child is done "playing".

When I find my child's weak spot, how do I re-reach him or her?

To re-teach your child a skill that he or she did not grasp, you must first make math enjoyable for the child. You can do this with:

  • Video games, found online or on CDrom
  • Board games that have a math component
  • Music and videos with math songs and cartoons

If my child is doing well in math, but wants to do better, what should I try?

For a child who want to improve already good math scores you can:

  • Purchase critical thinking workbooks and CD-ROMs that teach a child how to discover the answer instead of how to memorize the answer.
  • Practice math daily, especially in the summer.

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