We Know: How to Buy a Childs Bed

What should I know when purchasing a child's bed?

When buying a child's bed you need to first discuss the purchase with your child, think about the size of the bed, spend time exploring your options, and then be prepared to negotiate a good price.

What should I discuss with my child about buying a bed?

  • Find out what kind of bed the child would like to have, while managing impractical suggestions.
  • Show the child pictures of beds you are considering.
  • Discuss nighttime fears your child may have. (such as being afraid of heights or something hiding under the bed)

What size bed should I purchase for my child?

The bed size for your child will depend on the size of the room as well how long the child will have the bed. If you are buying a bed for a 6 year old that should last until college, you will want to purchase a full or queen sized bed Be sure to leave room for playing and make sure you can get the bed through the doorframe and stairwells. Also, if you decide to purchase a twin bed, remember that standard twin beds are 75 inches, but you can purchase extra long twin beds that are 80 inches. Something to think about if you are expecting to use the bed past adolescence.

What should I look at when researching the bedding options for my child?

A bed for a child should not be an impulse purchase. You need to put as much care into it as you would if you were purchasing a camera.

  • Look at different bedding styles from contemporary to traditional
  • Look at the different stores where you can purchase the bed, from brick and mortar stores to online sources
  • If you are buying a new mattress, bring your child into the store and have them test a mattress just as an adult would.
  • Consider original, one of a kind bed options you can make or assemble, like using a door for a headboard, or building a platform bed yourself.

How do I negotiate a good price for my child's bed?

  • Most stores that sell children furniture will match the best price you can find. Collect circulars for the week you are buying the bed, and use the prices on the flyers to negotiate the best price.
  • If you are buying the bed online, use a review and comparison service to find out what customers think about the item in addition to finding the best price. (Consider the cost of shipping when looking at purchase prices.)
  • When shopping in person, it does not hurt to ask if the price offered the "Best Price." In many cases, they will respond by telling you when the next sale is or they will go back to their manager who may offer a discount. (This works best in specialty stores).

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