We Know: How To Give a Baby Shower

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a celebration that involves the gathering of friends and family of the parents-to-be to give gifts and rejoice in the coming of baby. Although traditional baby showers only include female guests, more modern showers include both sexes in the festivities. Likewise, it is usually a close female friend or relative of the mom-to-be who throws the bash.

How can I prepare for the baby shower?

Planning a baby shower can be tough work, but with a bit of foresight, you can overcome many of the scheduling hurdles people make.

  • Plan Ahead: Ask the parents-to-be when they want their baby shower held. Most baby showers are held between one to two months before the due date. This allows the mom and dad-to-be to assemble the crib and get all of the baby room decorating and prep done way in advance-before things get super hectic when baby arrives.
  • Make a Guest List: You don't want to forget anyone important, and you certainly don't want to invite someone the couple doesn't want there! Get the mom and dad-to-be's approval before you start sending out the invitations.
  • Pick a Shower Theme: The theme depends a lot of the time on whether or not this is the couple's first child. If it is, good themes are those that help them decorate the nursery, stock up on baby clothes or diapers. Try a diaper shower, where guests bring diapers as gifts. If this is the mom-to-be's second or third baby, consider changing the focus to her. Asks guests to bring gifts that pamper mommy, like comfy clothes and yummy chocolates!

What are some activities or games for a baby shower?

Every baby shower has to have some fun activities for the guests and parents-to-be! These games are traditional, but still fun.

  • Toilet Paper Mommy Measure: Each of the guests rip off a length of toilet paper that they think will most closely fit around the mom-to-be's belly. Whoever rips off the closest piece wins the game!
  • How Many?: This game involves filling up a baby bottle with jelly beans. Each guest takes turns guessing how many are inside the bottle. Whoever guesses the closest to the actual number wins a prize.
  • Diapering Duo: Pair up everyone at the shower and have them put a diaper on a baby doll as a team. However, each person can only use one hand. Whoever completes the task the fastest wins the game.

How much does throwing a baby shower cost?

Baby showers can be a bit pricey with all of the food and gifts included. However, you can take the price off of yourself a bit by asking guests to chip in by bringing food dishes and contributing to the expense of the main gift. Remember to think about paper plates, napkins, silverware, table settings, decorations and your own gift to the couple when figuring out your baby shower budget.

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