We Know: All About Web Site Templates

What Are Web Site Templates?

Web site templates are pages or snippets of code that can be integrated into your website. It saves time and effort, and can infuse your site with new creative possibilities. Many prefer to work with templates for a starting point, then customize them. If you plan to use a template for a specific program such as Dreamweaver, make sure the version used to create it will work in the version that you have. A working knowledge of HTML is good to have, even when working with templates, because you'll have to make modifications to the code in order for it to reflect your own website's name and content.

Some templates are available for a fee, while others are free to download. When downloading any templates, always run a virus checker against the files before installing them on your computer. It doesn't hurt to run virus protection afterward, because some Internet sites will include virus programs hidden inside legitimate software.

Types of All Web Site Templates

There are many types of web site templates available, including the following:

  • Photoshop actions: Automates a series of processes, or actions. Requires Photoshop.
  • Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive: For web designers who work in these web design programs, these templates can save a lot of time as well as generate new ideas.
  • Flash: For creating animated images. Requires flash.
  • Shopping cart: For making money through your website.
  • Buttons and other graphics: For creating rollovers, buttons, and miscellaneous graphics.

Sources for Downloading Web Site Templates

Always run virus protection when downloading anything from the Internet. The following are several sources that provide web site templates, either for free or for a charge:

  1. Template Monster: The average template costs around $60 and includes photos, clip art, and other items.
  2. Ecommerce Templates: They specialize in shopping cart templates. The average template costs a round $50-$100, depending on which plan you choose.
  3. Template Central: You can download individual templates for around $55, or you can subscribe yearly and download an unlimited amount.
  4. Free Web Templates: Free clip art, buttons, page layout templates, and more.

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