We Know: All About Video Production Schools and Careers

Video Production Schools

There are several schools located throughout North America. Many film schools and high schools also offer programs or degrees in video production. The length of academic programs vary widely. Some programs require students to have already completed certain requirements or degrees, but that also varies. In most cases, some software experience is expected or required. Financial assistance may be available from the school or they may be able to recommend sources for scholarships, grants, or loans.

Curriculum Often Covered for Video Production Degrees

Each school and academic program is different, but the following list of coursework is not unusual:

  • Basic instruction of video and film methods including sound, lighting, editing, and composition.
  • Video web design.
  • Technical instruction in video compression, film-to-video transfers, and frame rates.
  • Methods, format, and techniques of screenwriting.
  • Cinematography.
  • Special effects.
  • Motion graphics.
  • Video production.
  • Video direction.
  • Video composition and visual effects.
  • Multimedia 3D animation.
  • The business aspects of the video production industry.

Vocational Possibilities for Videographers

Careers within the video production industry vary according to industry needs and changing technology, but the following list includes several possible careers:

  1. Video editors.
  2. Digital compositors.
  3. Motion graphics artists.
  4. Television and digital video pre-production.
  5. Television and digital video production.
  6. Television and digital video post-production.
  7. Studio director.
  8. Director of photography.
  9. Video editor.
  10. Technical director.
  11. News program producer.
  12. Personal events producer and videographer.
  13. Teleprompter operator.
  14. Floor director.
  15. Lighting director.
  16. Script writer.
  17. Audio operator.
  18. Studio camera operator.
  19. Character generator operator.

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