We Know: How to Rent a truck for Moving

What should I do before renting a moving truck?

Before renting a moving truck, you need to call several companies to determine pricing, driver requirements, insurance requirements, minimum driver's age, and other possible requirements. This information will help you to choose the best truck for your needs.

How large should my rental truck be?

The size of your rental truck will depend on the amount of items you need to move or the amount of furnished rooms you have in your home. Simple guidelines for size include:

  • a 24-foot truck if you have eight rooms
  • a 20-foot truck if you have five rooms
  • a 15-foot truck if you have three rooms
  • a cargo van or trailer to move a small load of household goods

How do I ensure my rental will be ready as scheduled?

To ensure a smooth rental process, you should confirm your reservation. When you make your initial reservation, record the reservation number, the exact time and date, and the names of the employees to whom you spoke. If possible, have the company supply this information in writing.

What rental terms do I need to be aware of?

  • If you make a reservation with a nationally owned chain, there is no guarantee that your pickup location will be convenient to you. You may have to request a pickup location or make your reservation in person at your preferred pickup location.
  • You need to understand exactly what you are being charged including taxes, gas, mileage and surcharges. Generally, expect your full cost of the rental truck to be 50% higher than the quoted price
  • While the rental truck company may allow you to waive their exorbitant insurance fee, you need to first find out from your insurance company if you may waive the insurance on your rental truck. Many personal insurance policies cover rental cars, but if you damage the truck or someone else's property with the truck, you may be liable for damages.

What should I do when I pick up the vehicle?

When you pick up your moving truck, you must:

  • Bring your drivers license, and insurance information if you are using your personal policy.
  • Make sure it is drivable
  • Make sure the tires are in good repair
  • Make sure the brakes work
  • Check for dents and scratches and be sure they are documented so you will not be charged for it later.
  • Be prepared to hold the company accountable to your reservation date and time. If you are told the truck is overbooked, speak to a manager, have all reservation information with you, and if they cannot supply your rental vehicle as promised, then you deserve to be compensated for the inconvenience.

What should I do when returning my moving truck?

  • Drop off your rental truck on time, or call for an extension
  • Check for additional damages that may have occurred in your possession (small scratches or dings are usually overlooked)
  • Fill the gas tank if you are being charged for gasoline, as it will be cheaper if you buy the gas yourself.
  • If you can drop off the vehicle during office hours, get the final invoice in writing to prevent any surprise charges later.

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