We Know: How To Give Yourself a Pedicure

What is a pedicure?

A pedicure is a treatment for the feet. It involves the filing, shaping and painting of the toenails. A pedicure can also involve massaging of the feet and ankles with lotions in order to soften skin and treat calluses and rough patches.

What supplies do I need to give myself a pedicure?

You don't need a salon to create perfectly sculpted toenails. However, if you wish to indulge in the salon experience without the cost, you will need to invest in the following tools:

  • Cuticle pusher: A tool used to push back the cuticle of the toenail for removal.
  • Cuticle oil: Helps to soften the cuticles and make them easier to push back.
  • Foot bath: A small tub that accommodates the feet for soaking. Some even have a massage feature.
  • Toenail clippers: A tool that is used to trim the toenails to a desired length and to trim snags.
  • Nail file: A tool used to file, shorten and soften the edges of the toenails.
  • Nail brush: A tool used to clean the top and undersides of the nails.
  • Foot file paddle: A tool used to soften calluses and rough spots on the foot by filing the skin gradually.
  • Base coat: A nail polish that is applied prior to the color coat.
  • Nail polish: This is applied to the nails as a paint to provide color.
  • Top coat: A nail polish applied following the color coat and acts as a sealant. The top coat also prevents chipping.

How can I give myself a pedicure?

  • File & Shape: After washing both your hands and feet, file the toenails so that they are short and neat. Be sure to round off the edges of the nail and trim any sharp corners so they do not dig into your skin.
  • Soak: Place your feet in the foot bath and allow them to soak for approximately 5 minutes. Dry feet thoroughly and apply cuticle oil if desired.
  • Push Cuticles: Using a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick, gently push back the cuticles on your toenails. You can trim the excess, dead cuticle with a pair of cuticle scissors or nippers.
  • Scrub & File: Using a nail brush, clean the toenails thoroughly, making sure to scrub both the tops and undersides of the nails. Next, use a foot file to gently slough off the raised, dead skin of calluses.
  • Massage & Rinse: Apply a generous amount of your favorite lotion, or a product specifically tailored to feet to your feet, ankles and lower legs, being sure to massage and rub it in thoroughly. Next, place your feet back in the foot bath, and rinse off the oils and lotions.
  • Base, Polish & Seal: After drying your feet thoroughly, apply a base coat of nail polish. Next, apply two coats of your favorite color nail polish. Be sure to use even swipes-only three per nail! Once this dries, apply a clear top coat of nail polish. After 30 minutes, or so, your nails should be completely dry and smudge-proof.

How much does it cost to give myself a pedicure?

Giving yourself a pedicure at home only costs as much as the supplies themselves cost. You can purchase a pedicure kit with all of the necessary tools for around $30, while a foot bath would need to be bought separately. A large, plastic pan can work just as well.

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