We Know: 6 Tips before You Rent Office Space

1. Access Your Needs

It is important to have a thorough idea of the exact amount of space you need today and, conceivably, the amount of space you will need in the future. There is nothing worse than having to relocate an office and hope clients follow you to your next location. Take into consideration any out of the ordinary needs you have for space. Do you receive large shipments? Will you receive clients at this location? Is parking an issue? All of these factors can influence the office space you can rent.

2. Work With an Agent

Even though it means paying a commission, working with an agent saves a lot of time, which translates into monetary savings. An agent knows which venues to automatically skip and can help you to negotiate things like leases and rental prices.

3. Find Out Your Costs

Before you sign anything, make sure you have a thorough understanding of all of the costs the landlord expects you to assume. Some leases require the tenant to pay for all building maintenance, repairs on the air conditioning and heating system and even building security and landscaping. Ask before you sign, so you aren't surprised with an unexpected bill.

4. Negotiate the Rent

Before you enter into a lease, find out if the owner is willing to negotiate on the amount of rent. Perhaps you can trade service to the building against a portion of the rent or sign a long term lease to get a lower monthly rent.

5. Find Out What is Required to Terminate the Lease

See if you can have a clause included in the lease that lets you walk away without penalty should you decide to close your business. Also read carefully what conditions allow the employer to terminate his end of the lease, so you will be prepared if the landlord ever decides to sell the building.

6. Verify that You Will be Able to Remodel

Make sure before you sign a lease that any decorative plans you have for your office space are acceptable to the landlord. Can you add a receptionist's counter or paint your logo on the back wall? Can you change the carpet or add a kitchenette? Find out these things before you rent an office space so you wont regret choosing the location later on.

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