We Know: How to buy office furniture

What is the first thing I should do when buying office furniture?

Determine your budget. When buying furniture, you truly get what you pay for. Do not expect to purchase high quality on a discount budget. Therefore, it is important to know what your budget is so you can purchase the best items for that amount.

How do I get all the items I need without overcrowding my office?

When choosing office furniture items that will serve all of your needs and fit comfortably into your office, you should take the following steps:

  • Make a list of the tasks you complete in your office. Do you write or have a computer at a desk? Do you need a shipping station? Do you need a special drafting table? Consider possible future uses as well.
  • Once you know what you need, decide where you should put it. Perhaps your desk should be in front of a window. Do you prefer to face the door? Think about how you work, and what items you use more often, so you know furniture pieces to place near your desk.
  • Consider the scale of furniture pieces. Based on the size of the room, and the size of workspace you typically use, pick a general size for your desk and complimenting pieces. Measure the room and draw the items out to scale (using graph paper, 1 square = one sq. inch) to make sure they will fit.

Where should I purchase my office furniture?

While you might be tempted to head straight to your local office supply warehouse to buy office furniture, you need to realize that there are thousands of resources for office furniture. You can buy office furniture from:

  • Used furniture sources
  • Large companies that are scaling down or going out of business
  • Online sources like auctions and clearance centers
  • Clearance centers
  • Manufacturers warehouses
  • Chain stores like K-mart, Office Max, and La-Z-Boy

What else should I know when buying office furniture?

  • You need to make sure your furniture is durable, by checking the specification sheets that details the durability tests, loading capacity, building components, and dimensions, including thickness.
  • If you move often or may need to re-arrange your room a lot, purchase items that are modular, meaning it can be moved easily and frequently.
  • Examine your warranty information. Even if the cost is greater, you will be better off buying the items that have warranties, particularly, the longest warranties.

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