We Know: How to Become a Manicurist

What is a manicurist?

A manicurist works in the employ of a beauty salon and is trained in nail art, removing and applying artificial nails, and performing nail wraps. A manicurist also polishes, cleans, and trims fingernails and toenails. In some salons, a manicurist also removes hair from a customer's bikini area, face, legs, or other body areas.

What's required to become a professional manicurist?

Laws vary by state, but generally, a practical and written exam is required at the completion of study in nail technology or cosmetology at a recognized learning institution. The minimum number of hours of instruction varies widely and can be anywhere from 100-600 hours. In most states, the minimum age requirement is 16. You may need a high school diploma or equivalent in addition to the certification from the beauty school. For requirements in your area, check with your state's Board of Cosmetology.

What may be covered in a nail technician course?

Before becoming a manicurist, you'll learn about all or most of the following:

  • General business and professional skills.
  • Nail structure.
  • Artificial and natural nails.
  • Pedicures.
  • Bacteriology.
  • Disorders and diseases.

Colleges That Offer Nail Technician Programs

Some colleges offer financial aid in the form of scholarships or student loans. There are several learning institutions around the country offering courses for those desiring to become a manicurist, including:

  1. Miami-Jacobs Career College: The campus is located in Springboro, Ohio.
  2. Vatterott College: The campus is located in Joplin and St. Joseph, Missouri.
  3. Miller-Motte Technical College: Campuses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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