We Know: All About Firewall or Internet Security Software

What is a firewall or Internet security?

They're methods of keeping your computer and the files, and data you have stored on it, safe and secure from hackers, or those who maliciously enter your computer with the goal of harming or stealing whatever is stored on your computer.

How do firewalls and Internet security work?

The software is installed onto your computer. Updates that address the very latest threats are downloaded automatically or manually by the user to keep the software as current as possible. The updates are often called "virus definitions," depending on the software developer. Prices for these types of software range from free to several hundred dollars.

Available Features and Options for Firewall or Internet Security Programs

Firewalls are meant to prevent someone from entering your computer from the Internet, and Internet security can include anti-virus protection, and protection against spyware, spam, and hackers. Some software offers more protection than others:

  • Virus protection: Protects you from viruses usually delivered through emails.
  • Spam protection.
  • Parental control.
  • Firewall: Keeps out hackers.

Popular Firewall or Internet Security Software Programs

The following list includes well-known and trusted firewall and Internet security software providers:

  1. Symantec Norton: Internet security. Good for one year and then it must be renewed.
  2. Sygate: Personal firewall software.
  3. ZoneLab's ZoneAlarm: Provides a full suite of firewall and Internet security software.
  4. Avast! Personal firewall software.
  5. McAfee: Provides a full suite of firewall and Internet security software.

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