We Know: All About Film Academies

What is a film academy?

Film academies offer specialized programs for students who want to learn different aspects of motion picture and film production. In addition to filmmakers, there are often classes for actors, screenwriters, animators, and producers.

What is the learning process for students?

Most film academies use a hands-on approach to teach filmmaking. Students usually begin by making numerous short films, then advance to more elaborate projects. Students are taught all aspects of the craft in order to understand the entire collaborative process of filmmaking.

What do students learn at a film academy?

Courses vary by academy, but most will offer the following:

  • Instruction on the technical as well as creative aspects of telling a narrative including lighting, editing, documentaries, digital media, and television production.
  • Hands-on experience in the making of short films. In this way they have the opportunity to experience every aspect of film, from developing the concept, to writing the script, producing it, directing, and editing the completed film.
  • Special projects that allow the student the opportunity to focus on a particular area of filmmaking such as documentaries, traditional films, music videos, digital productions, and television pilots.
  • The opportunity to assist their peers as crewmembers with sound, lighting, gaffing, gripping, photography, and other roles critical to the filmmaking process.
  • Digital media production including video, animation, CD-ROM production, and graphics.
  • Internships within the film community, and career-planning workshops or assistance.

What are some well known film academies?

There are several very prestigious film academies:

  1. American Film Institute, located in Los Angeles.
  2. New York University Film School, located in New York City.
  3. University of Southern California Film and Television Production, located in Los Angeles.

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