We Know: All About E-surance

What is E-surance?

E-surance is one of the fastest growing online auto insurance companies in the United States. Insuring over half a million drivers, the company provides clients with convenient, affordable car insurance. By selling car insurance online, E-surance has cut out the middleman and, as a result, is able to offer you low rates compared to many of the other insurance companies. The amount saved will very from person to person, but could be hundreds of dollars a year. As with all insurance companies, drivers with bad records will have higher premiums, however, E-surance often offers a lower rate than traditional insurance companies.

What are the benefits of buying insurance through E-surance?

E-surance has made buying insurance simple. With a few clicks of the mouse, E-surance can provide you with a price quote that includes bids from competing insurance companies. A couple more clicks and you can pay for your insurance and immediately print out your new insurance card. This feature is especially helpful when you are purchasing a new car, because you can have it insured, complete with a current insurance card, before you even drive it off of the lot. When you are an E-surance customer, you no longer have to store hard copies of your insurance, because they can all be filed online. If you lose your insurance card, all you have to do is log into your account and print another one.

What are the disadvantages of buying insurance through E-surance?

With the ease of online access to E-surance, there have also been reports of problems. Some customer complaints include changing rates and a 10% cancellation fee should the insured decide to end the policy early. Additionally, it can be very difficult for customers who cannot show proof of previous recent insurance to obtain E-surance.

Does E-surance carry other types of insurance?

E-surance has teamed with a few specially screened partners to offer homeowners, life, health and even dental insurance in the same easy to use way they sell car insurance. E-surance gives you the opportunity to fill all of your insurance needs online at the same site.

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