We Know: All About DJ Equipment

What is a DJ?

A DJ is a disc jockey who plays music for audiences, typically at clubs and parties. DJs use various pieces of equipment to transition between tracks as smoothly as possible. Some of the equipment used is quite technical, and DJs can spend years perfecting their craft.

Tips on Buying DJ Equipment

Shop around for the best prices. Even the same make and model can dramatically vary in price, especially when shopping online.

Unless you have an unlimited budget, prioritize what equipment you would like because you may not be able to purchase it all at once.

Basic DJ Equipment

To begin your DJ career, this is the minimum suggested equipment:

  • Two turntables to play vinyl records.
  • Extra needles for the turntables.
  • One slipmat for each turntable which will allow you to spin a record back and forth without damaging the turntable or record.
  • Audio mixer.
  • Headphones.
  • Stereo system.

More advanced DJ Equipment

The following is a list of more advanced DJ equipment:

  1. Mixing system for scratching or beatmixing.
  2. Digital mixing system for music integration of CDs.
  3. Multi-channel mixing system for integrating equalizer, special effects, line inputs, Mic inputs, and other options.
  4. Pre-amplifier.
  5. Speakers.
  6. Equalizer to balance audio input.

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