We Know: How to Become an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator

What is an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is a person who focuses primarily on decorating interior spaces. This includes choosing a style, color palette, selecting appropriate furniture, floor and window coverings, artwork, and lighting. Designers are also involved in designing architectural detailing, such as crown molding and built-in bookshelves, or planning layouts of buildings undergoing renovation. Interior designers must be able to read blueprints, understand building and fire codes, and know how to make the space accessible to the disabled. Designers frequently collaborate with architects, electricians, and building contractors to ensure that their designs are safe and meet construction requirements.

What is an Interior Decorator?

An Interior Decorator is a person who focuses solely on the decorating element of the interior design job. Decorators are prohibited from doing any demolition or remodeling.

What education is required for an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is required to have a bachelor's degree in Interior Design for an entry-level position in interior design. A license is required in 23 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

What education is required for an interior Decorator?

An interior decorator is not required to have an interior design degree. Many have degrees in related areas such as fine arts or drafting, or have taken informal courses, but they are not required. Interior decorators cannot acquire a license in interior design without further education and training.

What are the job prospects for an Interior Designer?

Large corporations or design firms, smaller design consulting firms, may employ interior designers or they may freelance and work on a contract, or job, basis. Consultants and self-employed designers tend to work longer hours and in smaller, more congested environments. Three out of ten Interior designers are self-employed.

What are the job prospects for an Interior Decorator?

Interior Decorators are restricted to working private homes, small businesses, and retail displays. They may also be found working in furniture and home design centers.

How much can an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator expect to make?

Interior Designers and decorators may make as little as $20,000 in a year or well over $70, 000 with the average pay rate being around $40,000. Qualifications and specialties will affect the earning possibilities. The income of Interior Decorators tends to fall on the lower side of the pay scale.

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