We Know: How to Get an ATM machine at Your Business

How do I get an ATM for my business?

You can get an ATM for your business through ATM placement services that offer you the ATM for 'free', or through purchase or lease through a company that specializes in ATM machines.

Why would I get an ATM for my business?

Installing an ATM can reduce credit-card processing fees, increase visitors, and eliminate bad checks. With enough foot traffic, you can even make money from ATM transaction fees.

What are my responsibilities if I purchase or lease an ATM?

A person (other than a bank or an affiliate of a bank) who wants to own an ATM should check to see what the local, state and federal agencies to determine what papers must be filed and what requirements must be met. Often the person is responsible for filing a notice of establishment or ownership of a terminal with the proper authorities with the within 60 days after acquisition or placement of the ATM. An owner of a Cash-Dispensing Only ATM often has similar responsibilities.

The owner is also responsible for servicing and stocking the machine with cash.

What does it cost to purchase or lease an ATM?

For a low end, free standing ATM, you can expect to pay $3000.00 or you can lease on for approximately $75.00 a month. In addition, there are ongoing costs associates with owning an ATM like a phone line (~$40 per month), power, professional cash loading service if you do not want to do it yourself (about $50 per trip), and replacement receipt paper. Other optional costs include an additional cash cassette (required if you will be doing business with an armored car service), and extended warranty or service agreement. Some vendors also charge monthly fees.

What are my responsibilities if I allow an ATM owner to place an ATM at my location?

In exchange for granting an ATM owner the right to place a machine in your establishment for free, you will need to ensure the security of the machine, answer customer's questions, and contact the owner if there is a problem.

What are the costs associated with a free ATM?

Your main cost would be an elevated power bill and extra phone line. The share of the profits the machine owner gives you should offset this.

You will also need to pay elevated insurance to protect your business from ATM theft. You may also be held liable if the machine is damaged or stolen.

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