We Know: All About Bowflex

What is a Bowflex?

The Bowflex is a cable-based home gym system using ‘Power Rod Resistance.’ ‘Power Rod Resistance’ refers to the strong rubber bands that supply the resistance to the machine. The resistance cables, coupled with the added resistance of human muscles working off each other, create the muscle-building capabilities of the Bowflex.

Is there more than one Bowflex model on the market?

Several models are available that vary in price and range of exercises offered. The models currently on the market include:

  • Bowflex Ultimate 2 - top of the line model with a 12 year warranty
  • Bowflex Ultimate XTLU - offers a 10 year warranty
  • Bowflex Xtreme 2 - flexible; exercise without adjusting cables
  • Bowflex Versatrainer - specially designed for people with limited mobility
  • Bowflex Motivator - basic model

What are the good points about Bowflex?

The strengths of the Bowflex are many and include:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Saves space and clutter from free weights
  • Easy transition from one group of exercises to the next with a minimum of cable and bench adjustment
  • System includes intelligent exercise suggestions that take the whole body into account
  • Unlike free weights, you don't need a second pair of hands to `spot you’ when try to lift heavier weights
  • Unlike some of its competitors, the rate of resistance generated by the Bowflex is always smooth, never abrupt and jarring
  • For repetitions with light or medium weights, the kind of workout that leads to a more toned, less bulky figure

What are the drawbacks of using the Bowflex?

The drawbacks of the Bowflex include:

  • Cost - Any Bowflex model is a serious investment, with models ranging anywhere from $900 to $2000.
  • Some of the bulk lifting traditionally done with free weights to build up big arms and chest is just not possible with the Bowflex
  • Assembling the machine can be difficult and customer service is not as responsive as it should be

Is the Bowflex worth it?

Competitors’ machines may sell online for as much as 75% off of the original price. Bowflex only depreciates 10% to 20% when sold, and they are extremely hard to find used. The customers who buy Bowflex appear to be satisfied with their purchases. No exercise machine produces miracles, and you only get you what you put in. If you are serious about an exercise regimen and you have some money to spare, Bowflex may be a good investment.

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