Are you concerned with the state of our environment? Do you worry about how much gasoline is costing due to oil supply shortages?

Biodiesel is the earth-friendly fuel alternative that might just be the answer to your environmental and monetary concerns.

We Know: All About Biodiesel

What is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a type of fuel that can be used in diesel engines which is composed of renewable substances like soybean oil. Rather than using fossil fuels, biodiesel is alternative fuel which is composed entirely of natural substances that can be grown.

What are the benefits of using biodiesel?

Biodiesel has many benefits. It burns cleaner than fuels derived from fossil fuels and doesn't add CO2 to the atmosphere. Biodiesel is actually better for diesel engines because it acts as a lubricant. Biodiesel fuel is completely renewable and can actually be made from recycled materials such as leftover fast food restaurant oils! Biodiesel also reduces dependence on oil from other countries and also non-toxic. Man-made oil spills would become a thing of the past if we all jumped on the biodiesel bandwagon!

What's in biodiesel?

Biodiesel is the product of a process called transesterification. This process is used to separate the biodiesel material, also known as methyl esters, from the glycerin found in vegetable oil to create a cleaner burning fuel.

Where can I find biodiesel?

There are producers of biodiesel who meet the Environmental Protection Agency's strict clean-air standards that can be found across the country. Distributors and public pumps of EPA regulated biodiesel are available in just about every state, but tend to be most concentrated in farming areas like the Midwest.

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