Looking for a comfortable shoe? Wondering if z-coil shoes are the way to go?

We know: All About Z-Coils

What's a Z-Coil shoe?

Z-coils are fitted with a spring in the sole of the shoe and are designed to ease the impact that walking or running can have on a person's body. They were designed by a runner in the mid-1980's who suffered from foot and back pain.

How does a Z-Coil shoe work?

The z-coil shoe has four components that help to reduce impact on the body while walking or running:

  • It is fitted with an orthotic support system that cradles an individual's foot and provides more equalized pressure on the foot.
  • It has extra built-in forefoot cushioning to help ease forefoot pain.
  • The base of the shoe has a large spring that absorbs impact on the back and knees.
  • The front of the shoe has a flex line that aids the foot in bending at the ball of the foot.

How do z-coils compare to conventional shoes?

Z-coils have been found to provide more cushioning and support than traditional shoes.


  • The front of the shoe has a flex line that aids the foot in bending at the ball of the foot
  • Four times more cushioning than traditional shoes
  • Over one inch of heel cushioning
  • Have been found to reduce impact on foot
  • Can reduce back and knee pain caused by running/walking
  • Have been used to aid arthritis sufferers
  • May be covered by insurance


  • Can be more expensive than traditional shoes
  • May require some getting used to
  • Not particularly stylish

Do Z-Coils come in more than one style?

Yes! Z-coils come in 10 different styles including: athletic shoes, clogs, sandals, work boots and hiking boots.

How much do Z-Coils cost?

They range in price from around $160 to more than $200.

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