Wondering what tinted moisturizer is?

We know: All about Tinted Moisturizer

What is tinted moisturizer?

Tinted moisturizer combines the benefits of skin care and a light foundation for a natural, luminous complexion.

What do tinted moisturizers offer that traditional moisturizers don't?

These moisturizers add a slight tint to match your skin tone, giving you a natural un-made up look. A lot of tinted moisturizers also come with added SPF to protect your skin from sun damage, something that is not found in most foundations.

What do tinted moisturizers offer that traditional foundations don't?

Tinted moisturizers have a very light foundation. They provide a natural illuminating look instead of the heavily made-up look seen with traditional foundations. If you are used to heavy cosmetics, this may take some getting used to.

However, a tinted moisturizer does not give the facial flaw coverage of a traditional foundation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tinted moisturizer?


  • Light coverage, not a heavy look
  • Most provide SPF protection
  • Provides a moisturizer and cosmetic in one application
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Most last all day
  • Available in varying shades to match every skin tone
  • 2 products in 1 is less expensive
  • A tinted moisturizer is made by most cosmetic companies which means a wide selection to choose from


  • Won't cover blemishes as well as traditional foundation
  • May give shiny appearance to skin
  • May not offer enough coverage for some women

Who would tinted moisturizer benefit most?

Because tinted moisturizer does not offer as much coverage as heavy make-up fans require, it is best suited for women who want a light foundation. However, traditional foundation users might like to use tinted moisturizer at places like the beach or gym where they may want some cover up but not full make-up.

Additionally, tinted moisturizer is recommended for older women as it gives a light natural look. Traditional foundations can look heavy and too made up on older looking skin.

How much does tinted moisturizer cost?

The cost of tinted moisturizer, like all cosmetics ranges greatly. You can find it for as little as $8-$10 from brands such as Almay and Burt's Bees. More expensive versions are available from costlier brands, such as Stila and Clarins, whose tinted moisturizer range from $25-$35.

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