Like to have your own swimming pool, but afraid of the cost? Wondering about above ground pools or swimming pool kits?

Here is some basic swimming pool kit information to get you started on your search for the answer to your questions.

We know: Above Ground Pools and Pool Kits

What's a swimming pool kit?

Swimming pool kits give you the pleasure of a pool in your backyard without the expense of installing a concrete pool. (It's estimated that about half the cost of a regular pool is installation.) Generally, a kit will provide you with everything you will need to install the pool yourself.

What materials are the pools made from?

The shell of the pool is usually made from a material such as vinyl, stainless steel, fiberglass or polystyrene.

What kind of pools come in kits?

There are two basic kinds of pools that come in kits:
  • Above Ground Swimming Pools where the entire pool rests on a frame above the ground.
  • In Ground Swimming Pools where a pool shell is set into the ground.

How much do pool kits cost?

Here are some samples of approximate sizes and costs:

Pool Type & SizePrice
Above Ground 15 round pool kit $1,200
Above Ground 15X33 pool kit$3,000
In Ground 8X16 pool kit$4,500
In Ground 16X32 pool kit$5,500

What comes in the kit?

Each pool kit is different, but here are some of the things you should look for in a swimming pool kit:

  • Instruction manual
  • Pool frame for above ground pools
  • Excavation instructions for in ground pools
  • Swimming pool shell
  • Swimming pool liner
  • Filtration system with pump and motor
  • Skimmers, returns and coping
  • Ladders, steps, hand rails
  • Pool light
  • Plumbing, fittings, unions and hardware

What should I remember to ask about when considering a purchase?

Make sure to ask:

  • How you get TECHNICAL SUPPORT while you are installing your pool?
  • Whats in the warranty, how long does it last, what does it cover?
  • What are the delivery charges and taxes?

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