Never found the perfect bathing suit? Want to find a suit that accentuates your good parts and hides your bad?

We know: How to find a Bathing Suit to fit Your Body

What should I be aware of when buying a bathing suit?

The key to buying a bathing suit is to be realistic and know your body shape. Begin by determining your basic body shape and then finding the style of suit that best fits your shape.

One-piece swimsuit versus the bikini:

Figure out which type of suit you are most comfortable wearing. Some women feel more confident in a one-piece than in a bikini, while others would never dream of wearing a one-piece. Decide if you prefer one kind or if you are open to both.

How do I know what suit will look best on my body?

Here are some basic body shapes and the styles of suits that might look best.

Your body: large breasts, broad shoulders, small hips and butt

Best Suited for: Bikinis. Try different tops such as halter, spaghetti straps, bandeau and tops with thicker straps for more support. Avoid tank tops as they will make shoulders look broad and less feminine. For bottoms try wide cut or string tie.

Green Onion
Your body: tall, thin, small breasts, small hips, waist and butt.

Best Suited for: One-piece suits and bikinis. For one-piece suits pick plain simple designs and colors. For bikini tops try push-ups, tanks and tops with stripes, patterns or designs on them. For bottoms try low riding, or boy shorts. Avoid string bottoms as they will make legs look scrawny.

Egg Plant
Your body: narrow shoulders, small breasts, big hips

Best Suited for: Bikinis. For tops try light colors, underwire, push-ups, demi and tank. For bottoms try, boy shorts, triangle cut. Avoid boy cut shorts as they will make hips look bigger.

Bell Pepper
Your body: small bust, waist not defined, short

Best Suited for: Bikinis. For tops try bandeau, tank, halter. For bottoms try side ties, thin straps, boy shorts. Avoid one piece suits as they will make body look boy like and boxy.

Your body: big breasts, small waist, big hips

Best suited for: Bikinis. For tops try underwire bra and halters. For bottoms get average cut bottoms. Avoid high cut bottoms as they will draw attention to hips. Choose solid colors.

Does size matter?

One of the biggest misconceptions about bathing suits is their size. You can be up to two sizes bigger in a swimsuit than in your normal clothes. If you find a suit you like, try it on in a couple different sizes to ensure you find the size that fits you best.

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