Thinking of shopping for carpet in the future? Want to know what some of the common carpet terms mean before you go any further?

Here are some common carpet terms and descriptions of what they mean Ö

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What does the pile of a carpet mean?

The surface, or nap of the carpet.

What does tufted mean?

That the carpet has been manufactured by the insertion of tufts of yarn through a carpet-backing fabric, creating the carpetís surface, or pile. About 90% of carpets are tufted, about 10 percent of carpets are woven.

What does woven mean?

It means the carpet has been created on a weaving loom, either by hand or machine.

What are the 2 most common kinds of carpet pile?

Most carpets are either Loop Pile or Cut Pile.

Loop pile means the surface of the carpet is created by strands of carpet (or yarn) that have been pulled through the carpet backing twice, which creates a loop.

Cut pile means the loop has been cut so that the strands of yarn stand straight.

What are the features of each?

Cut pile carpets are often more durable that loop pile carpets. They feature a variety of textures.

Loop pile carpets are easy to clean and are well suited to high traffic areas.

What are the common kinds of Cut Pile carpet?

Plush, textured, Saxony, shag and frieze.

What are the common kinds of Loop Pile carpet?

Berber, cable, sisal.

What is binding?

The band sewn over the carpetís edge to protect it.

What is underlay?

Itís the cushioning you find under a carpet.

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